MP4 BOX v2
Last update: September 2014
Keywords: php, mp4, encoder, compress, ffmpeg, vtt, webvtt, storyboard, captions, thumbnails, screenshots, snapshots, sprites, jwplayer, video, libx264, html5, python, imagemagick, mogrify
Encode/Compress any video format to MP4 H.264
Generate webvtt captions and sprites with auto timeline mapping
Extract thumbnails and make sprite

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See the related sprite image generated by the php mp4 encoder: sample1_sprite.jpg
See the related webvtt captions file generated by the php mp4 encoder: sample1_thumbs.vtt

MP4 BOX, the PHP MP4 encoder with FFmpeg, requires:
- Linux
- FFmpeg 2.2+, libx264
- Python 2.7+, dateutil
- Imagemagick
- Compatible player

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Extra infos
About MP4 BOX, the PHP MP4 encoder with FFmpeg:
- Easy to install and setup
- Fully customizable
- Cronjob friendly
- Unobfuscated source code
- Heavily tested
- Free updates

Skype: upsimpleDOTcomATgmailDOTcom
(please specify "php mp4 encoder webvtt generator sprite maker" when you add me as a contact)

Services (optionnal)
+ $49 : Setting up your Linux server (see "Requirements" above.)
+ $49 : Website integration.